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Colin P. Hill15:01:04

Anyone ever have an issue where the first run with --watch omits a namespace, while the test plan under the same settings says it should be included, and subsequent runs in the watch loop pick up the namespace? EDIT: Diagnosed, issue filed.

Colin P. Hill15:01:08

In the first run, com.colinphill.extra-special is omitted, but in the second run, after a whitespace change in another file, it is included. Where :env/dev holds my test dependencies and :run/test just pulls in Kaocha and sets :main-opts ["-m" "kaocha.runner"]:

Colin P. Hill15:01:35

The test plan with the same options shows the omitted namespace:

> clj -M:env/dev:run/test --watch --print-test-plan | rg --regexp "#'([^\s,]+)" --replace '(var $1)' --passthrough | jet --pretty --edn-reader-opts '{:default tagged-literal}' --query ':kaocha.test-plan/tests (map :kaocha.test-plan/tests) (map (map :kaocha.testable/id))'

Colin P. Hill17:01:48

tl;dr: I did some odd things and suffered the consequences for my heterodoxy

Alys Brooks19:01:56

I'll take a look, thanks!