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Hey everyone, I'm running a rebooted series of virtual meetups over the coming weeks - it's nothing too formal, and hopefully a good opportunity to meet & chat about XT! Ahead of I'd be curious to know what topics people might like to discuss now and in the feature, so please vote on this poll even if you can't make the event tomorrow I may adjust the day/time for future sessions to maximise the number of people who can attend. Also, FYI I'm going to be driving more of the Q&A that happens here onto the Discuss platform ( behind the scenes) so that it's more available to non-Clojurists. So please don't be surprised if I copy & paste your future questions over there 🙂

partyparrot 2

In as before?


I am going to stick to using Google Meet today, but we definitely could open up the Gather again next time! Have you used anything else worth trying in future?


No idea, haven't really looked into it either

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Does today's meeting have a topic yet? Thinking if I will do the daycare run early and let them watch tv or something


Sorry for the delayed response - "Modelling and tradeoffs" won the poll, so that's my plan to focus on


It would be great to have you join and share how you manage these things, but no pressure and there's always next time 🙂


Hmh, I got back in time just in case, but looks like the eventbrite is closed


@U050CTFRT I think the way you do entity IDs is actually the RDF way of doing it right? I think that's actually better...


Yes, I was heavily influenced by RDF back in 2011/2012, we used it to model configuration for a system we were building. So it might be the reason I think that way. I'm still quite taken with the old idealistic idea that everything can/should be identified with a URI.


ahh I'm really sorry @U8ZQ1J1RR I didn't realise eventbrite could be fighting us like that, and I didn't check messages during the call 😔 I'll make sure that doesn't happen again!


I'm going to share the replay shortly, so at least you can watch it at 2x speed 🙂


Thanks, I'll check it