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how much work would it be to bring lumo up to the current cljs?


@vigilancetech afaik lumo is not maintained anymore, so even if you tried that, the PR won't be accepted by @anmonteiro maybe?


if you're available as a maintainer, forking it to clj-commons would maybe be an option


I don’t know why forking would be necessary. I’m happy to add people to the repo. I’ve tried to onboard a few folks but life just gets in the way for them, and it’s not an easy project to maintain.


Well, I'm thinking that if it were updated prepl would be available and then perhaps some decent IDE could be adapted to it like spiral/unrepl (considering unrepl and prepl appear to be similar). Also I'm trying to port some software to it and I'm getting errors that appear to be based on cljs' updates. I don't really need super high performance at this point. Just a easy way to update it occasionally. Maybe running a patch set against the stock cljs to adapt it to lumo and doing it every time cljs gets updated wouldn't be such a huge job if it wasn't allowed to fall so far in arrears. IDK maybe the project needs to be forked and renamed where the existing one can still exist with performance optimizations and this new one didn't have those but always had a current cljs. I just think lumo is too cool to just let it drift away into obscurity and I see two obstacles to it staying viable: not having decent IDE tooling and running such an old version of cljs that one gets stuck in dependency hell trying to port anything modern over to it.


Those all sound like valuable things but I’m not gonna be the one to do it


is it a matter of money? Maybe it could be put under some kind of crowdfunding


No. I’m just not interested in the Clojure ecosystem anymore.


I've updated example code and docs for the AWS Lambda runtime based on Lumo, so it should be a bit easier to get started:


No. I’m just not interested in the Clojure ecosystem anymore.