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@jr0cket Your lsp article is very clear and well written I have some remarks though. 1) What is the advantage of creating a shell script for starting the jar? 2) As you suggested I removed the lsp layer and left lsp-mode in additional packages. It turned out to be a good decision, because the condo messages no longer appear on the right hand side of the screen (my screen is too small for that), but instead in the bottom buffer (I forgot it's exact name) line wrapped so I can read the full message. 3) Would you be interested in writing an article on installing spacemacs for clojure on Android (via termux-ubuntu)? I can provide the details, but lack the time and skill for writing it. (This would be interesting for commuter coders like me, provided we'll restart commuting).


1. I use a shell script for the lsp custom command as I dont like hard-coding paths in configs. Paths break when moving between machines and prefer to have a portable configuration. Using a shell script also makes the emacs config simpler. I also couldnt get relative paths to work in the emacs config. Finally, I can also easily test the clj-kondo-lsp-server runs outside of Emacs, helping narrow down issues. 2. Oh, I though I suggested the opposite, remove the additional package and just use the lsp layer. Using a layer manages the integration of packages into Spacemacs where just adding a package does not. 3. Yes, although no promises when I can do it. Either post details here or send me a DM if you prefer. @nick.romer