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still on on lock down here, but some people in Scotland are starting to get cocky about missing the worst of it. (tho the care home stats are horrifying)


Folk are getting itchy feet over here too. Shopping is getting more annoying as well.

Ben Hammond15:04:30

yeah there's a definite sense that lockdown is gettting tiresome

Ben Hammond15:04:50

crackin day for it though


in Scotland I was hearing about there being unused ICU beds and thus a feeling of over-reaction, but then I read about it being in 50% of care homes and care home staff being short of PPE and PPE only going to England (all a bit confusing tbh)

Ben Hammond18:04:31

I don't expect UK gov to be truthful about what is happening with PPE

Ben Hammond18:04:31

it is as unfortunate time for a government to have (previously) damaged their credibility so bady (as previously discussed)

Ben Hammond18:04:38

I thought Hancock's press briefing was wierd there were moments when he sounded like he was expressing genuine emotion and that was really powerful but an awful lot of it he sounded like pantomime villain which was ridiculous I found that to be a strange juxtaposition

Ben Hammond18:04:47

I guess he'd been told to say some bits, and his heartt wasn't in it and unfortunately for him, he's not good at hiding it

Ben Hammond18:04:32

Whereas I really wanted to dislike Rishi Sunak for being a callow yes-man

Ben Hammond18:04:51

but he's (the only one) who's turned out better than expectation

Ben Hammond18:04:59

so far, anyway

Ben Hammond18:04:10

are intensive care units interrchangeable?

Ben Hammond18:04:54

do they have specializations that are not so easily adapted to Severe Respiratory Distress?