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Hi, I wanted to get more serious about Luminus and try it for an actual use case: I've set up a basic Luminus project with lein new luminus my_project +jetty +swagger. I've added one endpoint that redirects to a static file that – unless it exists already – is created on the fly. All of this works nice and well when I run lein server. When I compile an uberjar and run it, I get the following behavior, however: The files are created but not served (404). Restarting the server changes nothing, but recompling the uberjar does: Whatever files have been created previously are now served, but not those created by that new instance. It seems the only static files beinf served are the ones present during compilation. I probably could get around that by having theses files served directly by nginx, but I'd be surprised if I had to. If this is a configuration issue… where should I start digging?


Ok, I just noticed the static files are actually part of the uberjar… that is at least a clue I can continue to investigate… this has become less pressing.