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Is there a universal way to back up your data? I guess you can back up using specific ways based on each backend, but is there a crux-specific (and recommended) way to do it?


We don't provide anything specific to Crux for this task at the moment - but what were you imagining? Dumping everything to a zipped directory of edn files?


> I guess you can back up using specific ways based on each backend exactly this - idea is that we lean on their much more established practices likewise for deployment and monitoring, too 🙂

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@U899JBRPF yes, maybe or maybe transit to save a bit of space… I guess it would facilitate switching to a different backend too


cool, yes it certainly would help with that migration also - we are tracking that as an issue here

Lucas Ferreira15:06:06

Hello folks! I was wondering whether doing a query by eid (either through crux.api/entity or a regular query) has the same performance as querying by some other specific attribute, considering that this attribute is ensured to be unique and that all attributes are indexed? Or is the entity id index somehow different or faster than the index for the other attributes?


Hey! entity avoids the query engine entirely and hits the document cache directly, so this will always be fastest, except in cases where your document is massive and you only need a few key-values from it. Querying (`q`) via an eid is going to be faster than looking up an entity by some unique a-v combination, since otherwise you need at least one extra join to resolve the a-v, which means an extra KV lookup under-the-hood. However, any performance difference will very likely be negligible compared to other aspects of your domain modelling complexity 🙂

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