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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)11:06:56

Hi! What is the difference between and ? (aside of the 0.7MB) Which should I prefer to bake in into my AWS Lambda? Thank you!


@holyjak The static one has been compiled with musl and is suited for non-glibc images (or environments like nixOS). Pods in the registry are slowly moving all towards that, so I'd say use the static one.

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Holy BORK it's pretty addictive this scripting, I've made a tmuxinator thing now that creates tmux sessions in bb 🙂

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Right now it sort of looks like this:

  (def cfg {:session-name "test"
            :windows [{:window-name "vim"
                       :dir ["cd ~/src/"]
                       :cmd ["nvim"]}
                      {:window-name "repl"
                       :dir ["cd ~/src/"]
                       :cmd ["lein repl"]}]})
  (tmuxinate cfg))


kind of cool that it was so quick and dirty to set up!