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Afternoon Ugh, I'm at a point where programming is the easiest part about my job. Hard to flesh out the requirements when there's no Product Manager especially when Product Owners assert they want (conflicting) things 😕


Wait, product owners as in plural? Good god


Throw something up the chain and say “this has got to stop. Figure amongst yourselves who the product owner is”


With a bit of a “I’m spending 30% of my time trying to mediate between you. That costs you $$$ per week.”


And if things don’t change, then it means they must be happy to be paying $$$ for you to play mediator 😛

Oliver George05:06:39

I certainly try very hard to engineer things to only have one boss.

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> Wait, product owners as in plural? Good god Yep. Our market's (almost) equally divided into the US vs Australian market. Unfortunately, the 2 markets sometimes have different (and conflicting) needs My engineering manager was the stand-in Product Manager and he did the best job out of any engineering manager in the history of the company. But still wasn't really able to resolve all the issues. He's leaving soon (and I will be too) :man-shrugging: Was fun while it lasted I guess

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Hey Aussies, I’m doing this thing in August, if you’re at voxxed come say hello.