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I’m afraid I also have a case of 100% CPU usage, but basically all the time, not just for a while. I mean, I just had lunch and it stayed on 100% all that time. I’m using the latest version through Calva (vscode). In the trace log (enabled through Calva settings), I don’t see anything happening. Also the log file doesn’t show anything happening. I have already tried to throw away all things like caches. One special thing of note maybe: sometimes it’s OK when I launch vscode and start working, and then it starts thrashing at some point (and doesn’t stop). I don’t know what triggers it. Oh and force-killing the process just causes it to restart and immediately get back into the same situation. The fans of my laptop would be very grateful for a solution or suggestions on how to diagnose this. As would I 🙂


Could you paste the return of server info command?


I think there is a calva command for that


clojure-lsp version used: 2021.12.01-12.28.16 clj-kondo version used: 2021.10.20-SNAPSHOT Clojure-lsp server info: { "client-settings": { "auto-add-ns-to-new-files?": true, "cljfmt": { "indents": {} }, "document-formatting?": false, "dependency-scheme": "jar", "keep-require-at-start?": true, "document-range-formatting?": false, "cljfmt-config-path": ".cljfmt.edn" }, "project-root-uri": "[redacted]", "clj-kondo-version": "2021.10.20-SNAPSHOT", "final-settings": { "auto-add-ns-to-new-files?": true, "cljfmt": { "indents": {} }, "document-formatting?": false, "dependency-scheme": "jar", "keep-require-at-start?": true, "source-paths": [ "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]", "[redacted]" ], "project-specs": [ { "project-path": "project.clj", "classpath-cmd": [ "lein", "classpath" ] }, { "project-path": "deps.edn", "classpath-cmd": [ "clojure", "-A:dev:test", "-Spath" ] }, { "project-path": "build.boot", "classpath-cmd": [ "boot", "show", "--fake-classpath" ] }, { "project-path": "shadow-cljs.edn", "classpath-cmd": [ "npx", "shadow-cljs", "classpath" ] }, { "project-path": "bb.edn", "classpath-cmd": [ "bb", "print-deps", "--format", "classpath" ] } ], "source-aliases": [ {}, {} ], "uri-format": { "upper-case-drive-letter?": false, "encode-colons-in-path?": false }, "document-range-formatting?": false, "cljfmt-config-path": ".cljfmt.edn" }, "port": "NREPL only available on :debug profile (make debug-bin`)",` "server-version": "2021.12.01-12.28.16", "log-path": "/var/folders/pb/bpqwngc509z77r228yr_75z00000gn/T/clojure-lsp.17387178897337450842.out", "project-settings": {} }


Do you override source-aliases or source-paths manually in any clojure-lsp config?


No, I don’t have custom clojure-lsp config at all.


@UKFSJSM38 I've suffered from 100% CPU usage and my Emacs locking up; I didn't particularly suspect LSP until now, but I guess it may be related. We do use custom source-paths in our monorepo - is there some kind of hypothesis I can help you to debug?


could you paste the output o clojure-lsp server log? there is a command for that as well


@U05476190 not really, is just that I saw a lot of source-paths and I thought it could be some weird custom config


usually clojure-lsp CPU takes time only when starting the procces/analyzing the project, after that it should be ok


No, this is an issue of emacs locking up and requiring restart. Next time it happens, what kind of data should I try to extract from running processes?


(even to disprove clojure-lsp as a potential culprit)


would the clojure-lsp log be enough?


yes, check if there is any on server log should help


but I never saw LSP lock emacs completly


OK, next time it shows up I'll keep the LSP log in mind


@UGNFXV1FA - sorry, didn't mean to derail your thread :)


Right, just to make sure: this was vscode, not emacs 🙂

👍 1

@UKFSJSM38 I just now saw that you requested server logs, sorry about that. I guess somebody hijacked my thread 😛 I got a 3MB file here, which I don’t really want to post to Slack. What’s the best way to get it to you?


That sounds big and hard to debug, could you try to restart and reproduce the issue again? Also is that the clojure-lsp server log, not the client<->server json one, right?


Huh it turns out that the troublesome repo was not the one I was working in, but a second one that I also had open in vscode. This is the log:

2021-12-07T06:49:30.778Z  INFO [clojure-lsp.server:446] - Starting server...
2021-12-07T06:49:30.890Z  DEBUG [clojure-lsp.nrepl:21] - nrepl not found, skipping nrepl server start...
2021-12-07T06:49:30.919Z  INFO [clojure-lsp.server:319] - Initializing...
and this is the output of the client in vscode:
[Trace - 7:57:27 AM] Sending request 'initialize - (0)'.
[Trace - 7:57:27 AM] Received notification '$/progress'.
After that I killed it. I know noticed that in that window, in the status bar it keeps saying “Initializing Clojure language features via clojure-lsp” indefinitely. Also in that repo I cleaned everything out (`rm -rf .lsp`), which didn’t help.


So it's freezing on the initialize, is this all the server logs it prints? I'd expect more


Yep that’s it…