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Functional Works are hiring! We are looking for another Clojure developer to join the team, ideally with some React experience (but not critical). Any questions then please DM me 🙂

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Ryan Morello20:12:08

Hi All - Remote for anyone located anywhere in the United States - I have a client in the HealthTech industry looking for Clojure Developers. Feel free to shoot me an email at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> (not .com) or call/text <tel:6177945144|617-794-5144> and I'd be happy to share a full description and company info. Salary around $160k or more for experienced/senior developers as well as equity. Thanks for your time #jobs #remote-jobs

franchesca mueller22:12:27

Hello everyone! Guaranteed Rate is hiring fully remote, full time Clojure Engineers at all levels (Jr. to Lead) We are looking for engineers that knows Clojure, the Clojure ecosystem: cheshire, compojure, cli-time, and the suite of great Open Source clojure tools. We need someone who knows how to build a complex architecture with microservices, distributed systems, Linux, latest deployment methodologies and tools, and has experience in modeling complex business domains. (S)he will also be responsible for leading other developers in architecture, design and modern engineering practices. We have a mixed platform environment with the focus in Linux-based and open-source technologies.  If you are looking for growth, stability, work-life balance & autonomy - this could be the place for you! Again this is full time and remote opportunity. For those folks that are looking to broaden their Clojure skills, we host internal Clojure boots camps that run every month.  If this is something that interests you, please reach out to me (via slack or contact info below) and we can chat in further about what this role entails. <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> Cheers!

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Johan Thorén16:12:00

US only.

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