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Morning btw πŸ™‚


As an author or an assassin? πŸ˜„


I don't have the time for either.


(merge programmer author assassin)


Does anyone else struggle getting GP appointments these days? Supposedly most appointments are released online at 07:30 at mine... I've been refreshing for 12 minutes and no appointments have shown up except an under 65s flu which is not what I need. I tried phoning last week, lines open at 08:00, and I didn't manage to get through until 10:30 when there were no appointments for the day left.


Our GP has always been terrible - appointments released at 8am (when the phones open) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but it’s virtually impossible to get one that way. And they shut down the online version because of covid

Jordan Robinson08:12:50

Yeah, our GP system has totally changed, they have a website now where you have to submit a form and someone gets back to you. The website itself has opening hours which I find insane but 🀷 I think it's overall better because it used to be you had to play the ringing at 7:30 on the dot game and it was all luck based

Rachel Westmacott13:12:21

GPs appointments are like gold dust

Rachel Westmacott13:12:57

I agree that webforms are a better first contact method than phonecall roulette.


I recommend simply marrying a doctor for easily accessible medical advice

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Took me 1 hour of constant redialling but I eventually got through..