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How would you output the number of steps a logic program took to get the desired output? e.g. How can you find how many times moveo needs to be run for each success? Use trace-lvar ? log ? Or embed a counter as an lvar and inc it? (not sure how to do that)? Extend a basic logic function?


dunno, but thinking about it, for an "execution to succeed" it will have to execute the last goal from run, that means it reached a leaf, but the only thing that is threaded through all branches is the substitution map. I imagine trying to hack the substitution in core.logic to count the times it makes a unification, but that's not exactly how many goals/relation have been executed


also you could hack the substitution to count how many times it executed bind , that is how many relations the substitution has executed

Ben Sless16:12:55

Add trace binding, conjo to it the name of the move taken