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Hey guys, so i'm trying to a template for a restful api, and i'm running into an issue involving the different resource handles


within my (defresource, I want to handle an unauthorized access, but I want to also respect the Accepts: datatype similar to how the :handle-ok handler works


Currently, if i set my handler as :handle-unauthorized (fn [_] {:type :error :message "unauthorized"}) it produces an internal error


err woops, it's a bit different, the function being sent is more like (fn [_] {:message (payload/error "Unauthorized Access" :type ::unauthorized-access)}) which generates a payload with keys :data, :data-type :payload-type and :extra


but this causes an arity error, my guess is the handler is trying to incorporate it within the context similar to the other handlers and actions


Looking over the, code it seems like handle-ok is implemented using defhandler, along with handle-unauthorized, yet the return of handle-ok acts completely different from the rest of the handlers. Am I missing something?


@benzap this is a fundamental flaw with liberator’s response creation, because, when handle-unauthorized is called, the media-type is not yet negotiated. Issue #275 is related,


Another solution is define :as-response and wrap liberator.reponse/as-response and set a default media-type in the context:

(defresource hmmm
:as-response (fn [d ctx] (liberator.representation/as-response d (update-in ctx [:representation :media-type] #(or % "application/json"))))


@ordnungswidrig thanks, I ended up just returning a string, but now I guess i'll rethink it 🙂


This issue is bugging me for a while, but I did not come up with a well designed fix yet. Maybe updating representation/as-response to fall-back to a default from :available-media-types but I’m not sure.


I made a small modification to your code to hold onto the already present Accept header, seems to be working


This sure isn't a well-designed fix, but it seems to be doing the trick lol


Regardless of that, everything else in liberator is pretty amazing, I don't think I could have thrown together a restful api this quickly


Thanks! I really enjoy if people’s productivity increases.