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Hi all, not sure if this is the appropriate channel or not but I was looking to see when Clojure/West or Conj was happening this year and I'm not seeing any information about them. I'm assuming they're not happening this year? If this is true, any particular reason why? (Been away from the community for a while)


Clojure/conj will happen. It was announced fairly widely that Clojure/West would not.


Oh I missed those announcements.


Cognitect indicated that instead of two "small" conferences, they were looking at a "larger" combined event this year. Probably in Fall or Q4, I expect.


That was why Eric was making a big deal about ClojureSYNC -- since Clojure/West wasn't happening, his was the only Clojure conference in the first half of the year.


Ah, cool. My company is trying to get me to put together a conference budget and I wanted to make the Conj a candidate, but got nervous when I couldn't find any dates or a location.


Yeah by the time I became aware of SYNC, I missed the opportunity to make it happen.


Yeah, it's a bit frustrating if you're trying to plan an annual training budget early in the year.


Heh funny thing is I'm kinda late to the game compared to some other teams/devs in my org too


Oh well. Thanks for your help!


I keep pinging Alex about dates and locations for Conj... really want to be able to plan for it... but he says nothing set yet 😞


I might go to Strange Loop instead this year -- I haven't been to that for a few years (I chose West + Conj instead of SL + either West or Conj).


Ah strange loop, good call. I'll add that to my list.


how to get that wired numpy/`matlab` matrix operation like

(- 1 [[1 2 3][4 5 6]])
;; => [[0 -1 -2] [-3 -4 -5]]
[SOLVED] Just found the clojure.core.matrix.operators


/sigh. Missed my chance to go to a Clojure/West, then

Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:02:49

Clojure/west isn’t dead, just resting :)


Our consulting firm thought it was far too niche. They'd rather have us go to something like Re/Invent or Build. /sigh


Clojure SYNC was great! I would definitely recommend it for next year


@natec I wasn't convinced by the single-track aspect -- or the fact it was right after Mardi Gras and the hotels were so frighteningly expensive for the weekend after the conference if you wanted to stay and vacation.


But I'm glad it went well and people enjoyed it -- it's a huge deal to organize a conference (I've been on the organizing committees for a few events for many years).


I might just say that it was a different style of conference


I can't really speak to it being right after Mardi Gras; I feel like there must be a reason for that. And after recently going to CES, a clojure conference in the french quarter was such a pleasant treat.


@seancorfield I got to stay in the quarter for $150 a night because it was right after Mardi gras and everyone was leaving town


That was cheaper than the Austin conference site last year I think


@runjorel how could I have reached you sooner about Clojure SYNC? What channels do you pay attention to?


Also, I did talk with someone involved in the planning of Clojure/conj and confirmed that it will be around the same time it usually is, which is Oct-Dec timeframe (Q4).


That's not very specific, but it's something


About SYNC being right after Mardi Gras, it did make everything a little cheaper for attendees during the conference.


Weekend after the conference went back up to normal weekend rates.


what was traded was that you couldn't come cheaply a couple of days before


@ericnormand super cool of you to ask but honestly this was just a matter of bad timing. My org put together a conference budget last year but it was only a few weeks ago when my boss was asking for specific conferences. By the time I started digging around, I was only a few days away from SYNC and couldn’t flex my schedule (professionally or personally).


If the talks get posted online in the future, I look forward to catching them all later though! I can’t imagine the amount of time and effort it took to put a conf together and manage your own business, etc. So, even from someone who couldn’t attend, thanks for rockin it!


@ericnormand For what it's worth, timing was a big issue for me in terms of trying to budget for ClojureSYNC -- it was just too early in the year.


(and, yeah, timing it around Mardi Gras was also a problem on a personal level)


was your budget not finalized before January?


A bit off-topic since it's not about clojure, but ramda: can someone explain what the last sentence of the "ap" description means? Also treats curried functions as applicatives


I'm not sure what level of help you are looking for, but I think "applicatives" is referring to the same idea as the Haskell typeclass Applicative (


@dromar56, but I'm not an expert or anything


@dromar56 as others have already informed you that “ap” is talking about the notion of Applicative first introduced into Haskell. The ap function itself as described on that page corresponds directly to the same function for the Applicative typeclass in Haskell.


although it’s called <*> there


(and note the Monad synonym that pops up beneath that in the hoogle search…)


Thanks, I know very little Haskell yet, so it's gonna take a long time before I really understand the notion of Applicative, but I now know which direction to read


there’s a lot of material to absorb in Haskell. The typeclassopedia is useful to read but can be pretty dense. But in general, it’s good to start with Functors and then move on to Applicative (Functors) next. I can suggest this as a decent free resource to start with: