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that’s unfortunate ;/ thanks for the update 😉


I'm trying to run clojure source blocks from org mode... I guess I'm missing some basic setup: when running M-x cider-jack-in:

The clojure executable isn't on your `exec-path'


how can I make clojure work in org mode (I guess it's via cider, so how to make cider work with org-mode)?


the directory where lein is, is on my classpath


I have this problem with neotree in spacemacs that I didnt have with nerdtree in vim and is very frustating: I have 2 buffers open on a vertical split, then I open neotree and select a file, that file will always open on the left window. Is there a way to tell neotree to open a file on the rightmost window, or the window of my selection?


I don't know. I have gotten accustomed to the fuzzy finding abilities of commands like SPC p f, SPC b b, and SPC f f. But you might try snooping around by seeing what function gets invoked upon your neotree keypress in question via SPC h d k. It's possible there's a customizable neotree variable that might control this behavior.


Chords are complex :s