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Yeah that seems to be something that has to happen on day one though. I think rust is trying to introduce something like that but it's optional to not create noisy commits


@iwannaseethelight Well, there’s cljfmt and you can use it for the indentation, but unfortunately it doesn’t support indentation metadata yet.


Ultimately we hoped that more editors would support our idea for indentation metadata.


@donmullen I think it’s now cider.nrepl/wrap-apropos if memory serves. Guess you have some code referring to the old ns of the middleware in question.


hey so quick question


when I call cider-load-buffer, it does not appear to reload namespaces included in that file if they have been reloaded previously


this caused a few hours of frustration - I tried loading namespace a, which loaded b - I had changed something in b and expected it to be picked up when I reloaded a but that is not standard behaviour seems like


is there some setting to force reloading a buffer to also reload all dependent namespaces recursively?


haven't looked it up before but deep in require it won't reload them for you however, you can set this reload-all flag with

(defun cider-refresh (&optional mode)
  "Reload modified and unloaded namespaces on the classpath.

With a single prefix argument, or if MODE is `refresh-all', reload all
namespaces on the classpath unconditionally.


which for me is bound to C-c C-x


it was the source of lots of errors


i’m really surprised it’s not default behaviour tbh


also unfortunately it tries to load special stuff in the project that is intellij specific so it dies


anyone know if it’s possible to instrument cider-load-buffer to force the reloading of all dependent namespaces?


i’m also curious if there’s a buffer-local variable I can use to display the current namespace in a header or something


i managed to do it with cider-current-ns


let me know if anyone has a solution to my cider-load-buffer question, and thanks in advance 🙂


Well, that’s the common behaviour of Clojure, so it’s kind of what’s expected. You can use cider-refresh to reload all namespaces that got changed.


Typically when I make changes to the required namespaces I just evaluate them as well, so I rarely need to refresh anything. I guess it’s often a matter of habit and the way you work.


unfortunately refresh won’t work as the project includes a bunch of ide-specific clojure (don’t ask me why)


IDE-specific stuff should go into a profile that you can exclude.

dominicm15:02:11 I've solved the problem. CIDER will integrate with any library that has this badge!