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Hey! I have n number of Java projects that contains pom.xml files. Some of the dependencies in theses projects cant be resolved as the artifacts have been removed from our private Nexus. I would like to find out which dependencies in which projects that cant be resolved. Would love to piggyback on existing code for reading pom.xml files and the process of resolving the dependencies from our Nexus. Anyone that could help me in a direction? Had a quick look at tools.deps.alphas source code but could not find anything related. Is there anything in Leiningen that I can piggyback on? 🐦parrot


my first hunch would be to use pomegranate to try and resolve each item


for obvious reasons the docs center mostly on adding deps to a process (it's the lib leiningen uses to do that after all, and that's the main interesting use case), but I would be surpised if there weren't functions for examining pom files and attempting to resolve their contents


@U051SS2EU thank you! Will take a look at this later today.