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Has anyone else found that inline result display is not happening in latest (v2.0.216) Calva?


This is working for me, linux version 2.0.216


Hi everyone, newbie here! I've been playing around with VS Code and Calva, but I'm getting this weird behaviour:

(in-ns 'db.migration)
; CompilerException java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: migrate-up! in this context, compiling:(/clojure/joyful_clojure/03_clojure_application_development/.calva/output-window/output.calva-repl:25:1) 
This is the project I have open in VS Code: Any ideas why I can switch to the ns but I can't run the function in it?


Hi, thanks for your reply, but the namespace is actually a file in my src folder, it's not a lib? Am I missing something?


Yes you are. 😃 It is not enough that it is a file on the classpath.


I can recommend using Calva for switching the namespace, though it is also very good to be able to do it “manually”, of course. Anyway, with Calva you would open the Clojure file for db.migration and load it using the command Calva: Load Current Namespace and Dependencies. This will switch the namespace of the output window and have its vars defined. My second, stronger, suggestion is to not use the output window for this at all, but instead use Rich Comments in the file instead. See:


ok, many thanks, I'll have a look at this!


I still think you should figure out why it didn’t work and how to do it from the prompt. The #beginners channel is perfect for asking about it.

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Hi people! I noticed one bug of sorts recently in the calva extension. When I try to start a REPL and if I don't see the connecting.... log line inside the repl output window, I can't send any commands to it. The REPL starts though. I don't know if this is being tracked, just thought of posting here.


Please describe the error a bit more. All the steps up to the error would be nice. E.g. are you using Jack-in or connecting to a running REPL? Or does it happen for both scenarios?


It happens to me in both cases. I have to then close the vscode window and open again to get it to work.


just a heads up for any possible unrepentant polyglots like me out there - If you happen to have the espressif IDF VS-code extension installed and it gets woken up when calva should be in charge, you may find yourself in a situation where repl disconnect or reconnect to a lein jvm project will blast you all the way out of X-windows. It's unpleasant, and quite incongruent with a repl workflow :face_with_cowboy_hat:. I don't think this is a calva thing, since disabling the other seems to set it right. But apparently interesting barfights can happen inside VS-Code....


Wow. Thanks for heads-up! Was it a keybinding conflict?


I have no way of knowing, but I don't think so. The extreme case is to get things setup (be in the repl) and either just close vscode, or hit the repl disconnect button and boom. If you have any thought on how to narrow it down, I'd be happy to help, but I'm guessing it's not calva's issue.


Way back we had some similar problems with everything in the machine locking up when Calva connected. I think that turned out to be a VS Code issue… I really hope we are not seeing something like that coming back!


But we have stopped using the terminals as REPL prompts, so that particular freeze should not have come back, I think.


methinks this be a different gorilla as well