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Alys Brooks23:10:51

We released a major new update to Regal, including supporting for Google's RE2 and lazy-qualifiers (like +`?` and *?) Thank you to @dandorman and @zoharkfor the contributions!

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Ben Sless14:10:17

Did you see any performance differences with RE2?

Alys Brooks01:10:40

I didn't do any performance testing as a part of merging the PR. @zohark might know, although I'm not sure performance was a motivation for using RE2 in his project.

Zohar Kelrich11:12:13

My use case was building expressions for both Java and Google Bigquery, and not performance. But about performance, Java's RE engine has trouble when there are a lot of alternations (aaaaa|aaaab|aaaac) etc. because of backtracking, whereas re2 works in linear time. But re2 doesn't support lookahead/behind and such as a consequence. I actually ran into that alternation issue in my project, so having an easy way to switch to re2 there really helped!

Ben Sless13:12:31

Cool. It was more general curiosity because when I played with RE2 I found its performance to be poor for the simple cases so didn't pursue it further