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Rudy Tjin07:10:22

Hi everyone! Posting this one more time :) The company I work for is looking for Clojure(script) developers of all levels. Company is based in the Netherlands and we are willing to help with relocation and maybe starting up as a remote (as a contractor). We work remotely right now and I don’t think that will change to fully on-site. Frontend Developer: Backend Developer: Architect: We use Reagent/reframe/datascript in frontend, and integrant, psql, kafka in the backend. Fussball skills are a big plus. We are an easy going team with lots of banter 🙂 Send me a message or just apply via the link if you have any questions

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👋 hello everyone! I’m leading the Anti-fraud team at We are looking for our first Clojure developer to work on the services that power our anti-fraud models, tooling and our internal app for labelling and investigating fraud cases (almost pure Clojure, using HTMX). Super exciting stuff, as you’ll have the chance to shape what “working in Clojure” means at Billie. The company is based in Berlin and it would be ok to start as remote, then eventually moving to Berlin/Germany. The team meets often for lunch, but we are usually working from home. Send me a message if you have any questions 🙂 There’s no link yet, I’m sharing it here first 🙂

Johan Thorén12:10:06

Hi everyone! 👋 I'm currently working as a Senior Client Services Analyst (or Senior Technical Support Engineer) at ITRS Group where I have completed multiple projects in Clojure. Now I'm considering working full time as a Clojure developer. I'm also actively developing multiple Open Source Clojure projects, all somehow connected to I have extensive (and certified) Linux experience and a pretty good grasp of FreeBSD and (especially) OpenBSD. Located in Sweden :flag-se: I'm open for remote jobs in Europe :flag-eu:, remote-hybrid positions in the greater Gothenburg area, or re-location to US 🇺🇸 if visa sponsorship and re-location package is available. I'm pretty satisfied with my current job though, so forgive me if I'm being picky. Check out my CV and send me a DM if you are interested!

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Have you had a look at Pitch openings? I'm currently on contract there and am loving it.

Johan Thorén19:10:19

@U0ETXRFEW, thank you for the tip. There were no matching positions open right now, but I'll add them on my watch list!


Awesome. After having told you here that I love working there, I found myself thinking a bit about why that is so. Then wrote a bit about it on LinkedIn: