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is it possible / adviceable to return a success http repsonse immediately and continue doing work in the lambda?

Karol Wójcik10:10:54

What you would like to do after sending the http response?


It was just that gitlab said it should return true and quick. But yea I can just do all my work and then return

Karol Wójcik11:10:05

If you're doing something that is async/requires fault tolerancy consider using sqs

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Eugene Koontz10:10:52

i was considering sqs for that use case, but I think a Cloudwatch log filter would be better since it’s simpler - log a message describing what you want to do and have a lambda that runs by reading that log message and doing whatever is needed:

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Karol Wójcik11:10:28

Yeah. But still it's hard to handle retries that way.

Eugene Koontz12:10:31

that’s true, something to keep in mind