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hey guys , how do I get the latest version of a dependency . Do I replace the version number with "LATEST" for a particular dependency in project.clj?


I believe that should do it, but I haven't tried it myself. If the dependency you do that for is not one of your own, it seems to be asking for unpredictable changes in your code at times you cannot easily predict.

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There is the lain-ancient plugin that you can run to report which dependencies have newer versions available -- perhaps you already know of that.


Yep , I tried lein-ancient the dependency doesn't even show up in the list of outdated dependencies and I know definitely that I am on an older version . The dependency is hosted on s3 and I am using s3-wagon 1.3.1 . I am able to switch to the latest version of the dependency if I specify the version number explicitly.


I have not used lein-ancient with anything other than dependencies on Maven Central and, so haven't seen the behavior you describe. Perhaps a known limitation and/or bug in lein-ancient.


In the read me for lein ancient, it does mention s3 repos are supported. I must be missing something, thanks


... or an unknown limitation and/or bug in lein-ancient 🙂

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