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Good Morning!


Morning. Frost on the grass this morning ❄️


Same, but had to scrape the car window


Winter is coming!


I guess they ended BST around the right time


> We’d love to help sort out the Brexit mess. this would be an amazing thing to happen

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It's not as high tech, but another buzz word to keep an eye out for in this space is the Citizen Assembly, which is (in general) a somewhat more low tech version of this.

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Ben Hammond09:10:18

Citizen's Assembly is quite a troubling phrase

Ben Hammond09:10:28

its a bit French-Revolutiony

Ben Hammond09:10:47

and doesn't it also get used by White Supremacists as a euphemism for Gang of wannabe murderers


In the French Revolution it was the National Assembly, officially rebranded as the National Constituent Assembly (though still referred to by the former name), then the Legislative Assembly. But things didn't start getting really nutzo till the Committee of General Defense and then the Committee of Public Safety, which is where things became explicitly less democratic and more authoritarian (Robespierre and friends). There was no "Citizen Assembly" verbatim.


The idea of the Citizen Assembly properly speaking dates back to the birth of Democracy in Athens, some 2300 years before the French Revolution. So I don't think it's fair to let the Jacobins decidedly undemocratic reaction ruin the idea.


I have never heard of the Citizen Assembly in relation to white supremacy, but would be happy to look at a reference on that.


@jahenderson777 and I (Clojure developers at Riverford) are very interested in this - we talk about it a lot. I’d personally be very up for a collaboration in this space

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