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Shi Yan02:10:20

Hello, I need some help on self-hosting with webpack. I'm making an online editor for ClojureScript using the cljs/compile-str function. The code totally works if I use it with the <script> tag. But my project is mainly a webpack js project. If I import my ClojureScript using import, the compile-str function will fail with the following:

 #error {:message "Could not compile ", :data {:tag :cljs/analysis-error}, :cause #error {:message "Cannot read property 'findInternedVar' of null at line 1 ", :data {:file nil, :line 1, :column 1, :tag :cljs/analysis-error}, :cause #object[TypeError TypeError: Cannot read property 'findInternedVar' of null]}}}
Meanwhile, webpack has this error message:
WARNING in ./clojurescript/out/main.js 2660:154-228
Critical dependency: the request of a dependency is an expression
I suspect webpack altered the code. Any tips?

Anik Chowhdury09:10:57

How to make chrome extension using clojurescript? can anyone give me some guidelines about that?


but you don’t have to use this library, people were successful building chrome extensions with raw clojurescript js interop as well


but it's worth saying @U08E3BBST’s chromex is an absolute joy to use (we use it in anger)


Anyone has some clojurescript code using Puppeteer as an example ?


kitchen-async makes it much more weildy

Filipe Silva13:10:12

I found taiko has a nicer API for use with cljs

Filipe Silva13:10:14

it's still just using puppeteer, but has some nice helpers that work well with deftest/is

Filipe Silva13:10:02

and doesn't require you to initialize the page and browser separately, which reduces the need to use kitchen-async (although it's still pretty nice to have it anyway)


Taiko looks great! I haven't heard of it.

Filipe Silva13:10:45

yeah I only heard of it a month or so ago

Filipe Silva13:10:10

I think it's pretty handy for the cases where you already have a decent test runner and are just missing the browser control

Filipe Silva13:10:36

the taiko people have a test runner as well called gauge but I don't think it's necessary with deftest


Thanks for sharing the code snippet. Looks like exactly what I needed for a work project [=


taiko looks great. thx @UJVKWJTGE

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