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@thheller The app ns has refresh…you can use force-root-render! or schedule-render!


the latter is usu preferred


the prior will ignore optimizations, and is good for things like locale change where the props have not changed, but you want UI to completely refresh..also hot code reload


schedule-render! is debounced on requestAnimationFrame


(ignores addl request until a scheduled render has happened)


@tony.kay I don't need a full app refresh though. I know that I only changed one ident?


Hi all, I'm having issues running fulcro-inspect locally : CompilerException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: read+string in this context, compiling:(shadow/cljs/devtools/server/repl_system/clojure.clj:113:32)


I just want a fulcro electron template to play around, so I thought it was a good idea to fork the inspect electron app


I'm running > npm run dev-electron


@mping Clojure 1.10+ is required, read+string wasn't available in older versions


Is it possible to do a recursive union query? I'm probably just tired and missing some obvious syntax. I can do either easily, it's just an issue of trying to combine both on a single set of items in a tree where each node can have children of different types with different data to fetch within the same set of children. I don't control the data but I've thought of plenty of workarounds. Hand-rolling things works, but of course since it's a tree, that doesn't help me much with arbitrary depth and the requirement that I need to load the entire tree at once. Mostly I've thought transforming the data in some other way inside a resolver might be the way to go since I can probably break things down into a much faster fetch this way, but I'm still curious if a recursive union is feasible for future reference.


@twicebaked current implementation: no. Theoretically possible to extend the implementation: not sure…don’t have brain cycles at the moment to even consider how that would work.


tbf I expect it would perform awful anyway 😆


I just had one of those moments contemplating whether or not I am missing something and/or brain dead about the problem, so good to know.