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anyone have issues with leiningen after the latest windows 10 update?


The classpaths are all messed up, it seems like the new windows 10 changes completely changes how the environment gets resolved


Scratch that, I was getting a silent error that I was unaware of. False alarm!


@danielcompton The classpath with amazonica is 2.5 times larger than without it, and seems to bring my JVM down with salaam convulsions because it's simply beyond some hard-coded limit. Trying 'java -cp lein classpath clojure.main' in a git bash gives me this:


$ java -cp lein classpath clojure.main bash: /c/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_152/bin/java: Argument list too long


I can't even get that far in a DOS command line, it truncates the classpath and won't even let me finish typing 'clojure.main'...


I pasted the classpath into a google doc with and without amazonica. Without it, my google doc is 4.25 pages roughly. With amazonica, it's a full 9 pages. Sheesh.


so for any leiningen experts out there, would it be possible to write a custom leiningen task that created a “pathing jar” (essentially an empty jar with a manifest which specifies all the required jars as its classpath) and modified the downstream classpath to only use that jar somehow? (this is to solve @bob592’s problem above)


@mbjarland I suppose if I uber-jarred my project and then ran it it would be fine. Uber-jarring just the dependencies seems like a good idea for dev repl'ing.


yeah, uber jaring is just quite a heavy task, creating a pathing jar could be done in milliseconds and would solve this in a nice lightweight way


wouldn’t the ‘pathing jar’ have to actually contain all your dependency files? The JVM doesn’t use the classpath to do transitive dependency lookups


Also I think the command line issue is mainly a windows problem, unfortunately