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I am running into a problem running 'lein repl' where after adding amazonica to my project.clj, 'lein repl' fails with 'CreateProcess error=206, The filename or extension is too long' Anyone have ideas how I should configure jvm opts to fix this? I noted that amazonica pulled down a zillion more jar files and probably blows up the command line call lein is making behind the scenes, but I doubt it's specific to amazonica as a google search shows this problem popping up in lots of other contexts.


When I remove 'amazonica' or otherwise comment it out, all runs normal as before.


Sounds like it's trying to add too many command line options


I would try running it on a brand new project with just amazonica as a dependency, it's used in lots of projects, so I doubt it's Amazonica alone that is causing the problem, rather I suspect it's the interaction of it and some other libraries/plugins