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Drew Verlee02:03:39

i’m looking at the commands for sayid and having trouble understanding how they map to my setup: for instance: C-c s ! -- Disble traces, eval current buffer, enable traces, clear the workspace log when i press C-c then s i get “undefined”. I’m in the habit of pressing alt x which brings up a very helpful menu where i can search for things. there are a lot of sayid functions, but the names are descriptive enough for me to be sure how they work. How can i got about seeing relating the commands on that sheet to the commands in my menu?


I don't use spacemacs and didn't write the integration, so I might not be helpful, but ...


if you C-h f and look up a sayid function (like sayid-get-workspace), do you get a *Help* buffer? and if so, does it tell you what the binding is?


oh also, you need to be in a clojure-mode buffer for the key bindings to be available

Drew Verlee02:03:51

thanks @bpiel i’m trying that now…


ok. I thought maybe I took too long and you left

Drew Verlee03:03:50

nope nope. I get the help buffer. it doesn’t seem to tell me the binding

Drew Verlee03:03:08

The descriptions are there though

Drew Verlee03:03:12

or there is a description


maybe manually run sayid-setup-package and then open a new clj buffer?

Drew Verlee03:03:12

Yea now it shows what the commands are bound to

Drew Verlee03:03:50

what does setup package do? is that a generic function setup-package that i can run after any package install?


I'm not sure how common it is for packages to have a setup-package function. I believe the approach was recommended to me during the process of getting sayid.el accepted to melpa


sayid-setup-package just sets up the key bindings

Drew Verlee03:03:23

from a beginners perspective, without having that working, its very confusing how to tie things together. I don’t know how people get used to emacs world without mentors honestly….

Drew Verlee03:03:16

But this is awesome. Thanks a ton for the help


yeah, emacs can only be passed down


no problem. Let me know if any other problems/questions come up


and yeah.. I don't know why the call to sayid-setup-package can't be baked into the spacemacs/clojure layer, but, like I said, I don't know much about spacemacs


If you are going to add this to init.el (or comparable), this should do it:

Drew Verlee04:03:49

@bpiel somehow i dont get the same options in the sayid buffer. For example N from the docs doesnt exist.

Drew Verlee04:03:05

i would like to upload the image, but apperently were out of space 🙂

Drew Verlee04:03:32

ill probably be offline for a while.


@drewverlee N was removed. Site didn't get updated