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Hey folks. Gower Street is a startup bringing data science to the movie industry. Our remote (UK) team is hiring and we’d love to hear from you.


> As long as you’re available during our office hours you can live and work anywhere you like in the UK. Does this really count as remote? This is like a step above being able to work from home 2 days a week.


I’d consider it remote. Remote doesn’t require asynchrony.


it doesn’t really come with all the benefits of true remote either though. I could be in a similar timezone and not in the UK, for example.


👋 Hey, I’m the CTO. We are remote in that only meet up in person every few weeks at the most - it was three months before I met anyone at the company in person! We’re a bit unique in that we spend 50-75% of coding time pairing on & tmux, hence the “keeping similar hours” requirement. As these are permanent positions, and we’re a small company, we do need people to be based the UK from a employment/legal perspective. Hope that’s clearer! Happy to answer other questions people have.


Why not offer contract positions so people can be wherever?


Maybe consider #jobs-discuss for drilling into "What is remote?" ... There are lots of issues for small companies and contract vs permanent staff and payment of outside-the-country staff.


We’re currently not offering contract jobs, sorry.


@U8THE1TLY Any plans to hire outside of UK?


Sadly not right now - we’re constrained by our size and employment legal stuff. Sorry!