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hey folks, could anyone point me at how to make lein repl start up with a particular version of clojure from a non-project directory? I think the place to set this may be ~/.lein/profiles.clj ... I know I can specify that a project use a particular version of clojure by setting :dependencies in its project.clj but I haven't found docs that tell me how to do this when running lein repl (specifically, I'm trying to make clojure-1.9.0-alpha17 the default)


Could you try putting the same in :user profiles.clj?


@danielcompton already tried in :user and also as a top-level entry in ~/.lein/profiles.clj ... neither worked for me 😕


answer I got from freenode#leiningen: "not possible right now. leiningen will always use its own version of clojure when running from non-project directory"