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@ag yes, that's it. Thanks! And thanks for the tip about SPC h k that's useful.


Anyone know of any cool ways to mess with the line height of blank lines? I was just thinking about how I could use it to make some code a bit more readable. In ascending order of complexity, I was thinking I could: • change the line height of all blank lines, • change the line height of multiple blank lines, or • change the line height of blank lines by context (between base-level forms, defrecord methods, etc.)


one thing I would advice against is - messing with font-size and line-heights for different modes. For example I wanted font in shell to be a bit smaller. And I did find a way. What I didn't realize - it made spaceline and which-key to act very strange. Things suddenly become "jumpy", for a long time I couldn't figure out whatta heck, until one day it struck me - I reverted my change of messing with font-size


and everything went back to normal


what you can do though is change the size of minor things. One example would be a window label for spacemacs/ace-delete-window. When you have more that 2 windows and want to delete one, running that command would show the labels and prompt for the window you want to delete, I struggled to squint my eyes every time I pressed SPC w D


so I changed the font-size for the label


@driphter yeah, you can mess with variables line-spacing and default-line-spacing.


@eggsyntax Do you know how to change the line height of only blank lines?


Not a clue, I'm afraid. I see now that I misread your post a bit 😊


No worries. I know it was pretty specific, I was just wondering if someone else already had the idea 😃


Someone had the opposite idea 😆


Oh, interesting. Good find 👍