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Drew Verlee13:08:02

@yogthos Thanks. That looks like what i need.


I submitted an issue for luminus guestbook[0][1]. Cross-posting here, in case anyone has a quick solution. I posted it as an issue, as I’m pretty sure it’s not user error. But it might be. People who know more than me about cprop or mount could point me in the right direction? [0] [1]


I think you're in the right direction. If you want to use your dev db as your test db as well you should just update your profiles.clj to set your test db to match your dev db


because technically your test db should just be for your automated tests and your dev db is for your repl driven tests which you should be running in your src files to build up your application. Everybody has their own workflow so I'm not saying what you're doing is wrong; just that the default template made assumptions about how you were going to develop