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Might try prelude when I get bored by current emacs setup. I tried Spacemacs but too much about it was different so I would have customised it so much. I might go back to Spacemacs sometime when I feel brave enough to use Vim keys!


I find the hardest thing to deal with is having emacs on an evening and weekend….and Eclipse at work 😦

Pablo Fernandez13:09:17

Since Nashorn proved not to be enough, now I’m experimenting with NodeJS. I just managed to have Clojure start a NodeJS web server, have the server open a random port, save it to a file and have Clojure pick it up to know which port to use for requests. This is exciting! 😎

Pablo Fernandez13:09:53

It won’t be without some leakage (you still need to recompile your clojurescript targeting nodejs), but I’m confident it’ll be encapsulated well enough.

Pablo Fernandez13:09:37

In Clojure I’m calling Thread/sleep 100 twice… not happy about it.

Pablo Fernandez13:09:26

anyway, gym+food, see you later 💪 🍴


I guess that is one of my problems with Emacs... there are too many ways to achieve something. I followed the instructions on Clojure for the Brave.


but now some more yada hacking.