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@cfleming: Odd, I have a project for which Cursive doesn’t seem to be refreshing dependences/references unless I close and reload IDEA.


Still on 0.1.62 and 14.1.4


Anyone using ambly with cursive? I’m trying to get the repl to connect to the simulator but it just hangs on “Searching for devices…"


@seantempesta: I am not right now, but was aiming to look into that in the near future. Please write back with your findings.


@ricardo: Sure. And please do the same in case I can’t figure it out. simple_smile


The difference between those two JetBrains press releases is hilarious: Version 1.0 > Introducing JetBrains Toolbox, easier access to your coding tools, more control and flexibility, and a lower entry price. Version 1.1 > We believe such a model is more sustainable in the long run and will allow us to continue making great tools for you.


I also recall the original pricing page had a bunch of random numbers crossed out, as if it were some kind of sale, but it was impossible for me to tell what the heck they were trying to convey. The new version is: existing/new -> monthly/annual billing -> prices


When marketing takes over...


@potetm: I wish 1.1 had been the version they’d opened with, it would have avoided a lot of drama.


@seantempesta: It might be worth asking in #C03S1L9DN. mfikes (Ambly author) is a Cursive user.


@ricardo: That’s very odd. Do you get any error message in the log when you hit refresh?