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buddy 0.7.0 is released \o/


and catacumna 0.7.1 released (with buddy, cats, ratpack and other dependencies updates)


looking at cats.labs.manifold ... i've been working with a version of the deferred monad which allows timeouts to be specified ( ) ... would you be happy with a PR to add the feature to cats.labs.manifold ?


Yes please!


thanks @mccraigmccraig I will review it later!


btw, improved session storage abstraction and improved csrf protect handlers are coming in catacumba 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT \o/


there's a conceptual difficulty i'm having with timeouts (of deferreds or chans) - they are fine when the context is just the deferred, but if there's a monad transformer e.g. for a deferred<either> then the timed-out case has the wrong type ( deferred instead of deferred<either>


it's not affecting me atm because i'm using plain deferreds, but i was looking at moving to deferred<either> to avoid the exception-based error handling of deferred when i ran into this and couldn't see how to solve it... the inner contexts in the transformer stack would seem to need knowledge of the levels of the stack outside them