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trikl is about as mature as a newborn puppy


I did find some time to work on it last weekend, which is the first time in ages, inspired by My original motivation for Trikl was to use it for roguelikes. Anyway it's my one personal long running research project that may never get finished but that I hack on when I feel relaxed enough to do it for fun.


I've started cleaning it up a bit, and if I ever get around to officially releasing some of it then it will be in three "layers". 1. low level connection handling, dealing with ANSI and telnet events, detecting resizes 2. functional interface based on diffing of screen buffers, perhaps with low level drawing primitives to manipulate screen buffers 3. tree/dom/component like layer for reagent-style UIs, including flexible layouting, event handling based on which component has focus For 1 and 2 I'm fairly happy with what's there, but I'm moving things around currently and trying to add generators and tests. For 3 I've tried various approaches, none of them entirely satisfactory.