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eccentric J14:10:20

In the spirit of easy vs. simple, does Fulcro make systems simple or does it make it easier to make more sophisticated systems?


The latter, imo


IMO, the most important thing about Fulcro is its battle-tested patterns for organizing a complex frontend app

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It is especially insane how quickly we can put together new forms, sub-routing, etc, and even new form elements


And the whole thing that's defsc is just the kind of "that's what I was looking for, I just didn't know I was"

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What is the difference between ro/query-inclusions and ro/row-query-inclusion exactly? Does the second one make a roundtrip to the server for each row, and the former pulls the data up front?

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)20:10:56

I'm offline but look how it is used in the source code


In using df/load! I can see the network transaction in the Network tab and my UI is updating as I am expecting it to, but I cannot see the entry in the DB tab. Is there something special I need to be doing for things to show up there? (I can see the routing info in DB and other random fulcro entries, but nothing related to my df/load!)


ah, yes I’m on 3.4.2-1


that fixed it, thanks @zilti

Adrian Smith18:10:23

How do I run a nrepl server inside my datomic process using the fulcro rad demo?

Adrian Smith08:10:03

I figured this out in the end so I recommend installing this: (read the readme inside the repo) then you can do clj -A:dev:datomic:nrepl you can also add other cool things like :rebl, I recommend reading all the aliases in that file

Luis Santos19:10:36

Hi everyone, Maybe I'm asking this question to the wrong audience. Would you advice against using Fulcro on the frontend while using other framework on the backend? It feels that a lot of its benefits come from using it in a fullstack environment. Thanks for all the effort. Fulcro is an incredible framework and documentation is top.

Michael W20:10:35

fulcro doesn't care about the backend, I am using fulcro and pathom with 5 different apis as backend. It ties vmware, cisco aci, cisco asa, dns, dhcp, ipam, bluejeans conferencing, and a database (datomic) all into 1 frontend. Create resolvers, mutations, ui forms for each backend and you're done.

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Luis Santos20:10:03

ah ah. That sounds like a great project. I never expected to see dhcp and bluejeans in the same project. Thanks for the feedback.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)20:10:16

Clarification - Michael means "pathom on the client side"