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hi, I would like to ensure a lib ( works with GraalVM. Any tips / samples on how to add a CircleCI-graalvm build for a deps-project?


@ikitommi check out for a hello world project using deps.edn. it also has notes on testing. I usually create a small command line app which I test on the JVM by shelling out to that CLI


the only difference between lein and deps.edn is: with deps.edn you call compile yourself on your main file and then you don't add the uberjar to GraalVM, but the classpath containing the compiled classes, so like --classpath $(clojure -Spath:classes)


for running GraalVM on CircleCI: all my GraalVM-based project run on CircleCI so check out any of those


will follow that guideline & your project for the circleci, thanks!


Alternatively you could also try to hook malli into babashka and then run babashka's clojure.test with your existing tests. This will be a more extensive test, but also probably more work.


I know @lee has done this before with rewrite-cljc


@ikitommi my recent dynaload project also is running a binary compiled with deps.edn: