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Changes to the practicalli/spacemacs.d configuration for Spacemacs. Now recommending Emacs 27.1 as its the current stable version and it supports ligatures (stylized character pairs). • renamed Git branch to live (update your remote urls) • added unicode ligature support • Switched to using Fira code font as this has ligature support • Updated the doom modeline theme for a nice minimal look without loosing any important information • Added font rendering optimizations • custom snippets: deprecated and design journal banners, rich code block with clj-kondo ignore duplicate vars


What means „supports ligatures“? I have Fira Code with Ligatures for quite some time. Things got easier?


Emacs 27 now uses the HarfBuzz as its shaping engine by default, which provides extensive ligature and other fancy text rendering.... I don't know what it was like before, but I just changed the font and added the unicode-font layer with a variable to enable ligature support.


;; Support font ligatures (fancy symbols) in all modes
     ;; 'prog-mode for only programming languages
     ;; including text-mode may cause issues with org-mode and magit
     (unicode-fonts :variables
                    unicode-fonts-enable-ligatures t
                    unicode-fonts-ligature-modes '(prog-mode))
That's it


Oh that’s cool, I can now get rid of that special setup under user-config!


Yes, did not know that. I also had the special setup to get Ligatures going