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Or maybe you'll need to use some other local JAR installer... I can't remember. I'm no longer using Powershell for any development. I switched to WSL2 so I could just rely on brew or the Linux scripts.


Yeah, the install script just runs mvn -q org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-install-plugin:3.0.0-M1:install-file -Dfile=rebl-0.9.242/rebl-0.9.242.jar


Ah, looks like deps-deploy might need a pom.xml file... let me try that...


Yeah, you'd need a pom.xml file to use deps-deploy to install it locally.


Let's see what else you asked in that long message @flyingpython...


I would say don't bother using :socket-rebl if you weren't already using it. It's intended for a different use case than Chlorine.

Rowan Barnard00:10:38

Ah sorry about the long message, I find brevity to be difficult when I'm trying to be specific in my explanation 😅


(I have used it with an Emacs inferior mode successfully)

Rowan Barnard00:10:06

Normally before I was running :rebl-11-win and :socket options on your old deps file to run a socket repl and have it submit to REBL and the socket repl

Rowan Barnard00:10:34

So I just want to replicate that setup again using the new deps file if possible


Right, so the only change for you is to use :rebl instead of :rebl-11-win -- after installing the latest REBL locally.

Rowan Barnard00:10:22

OK so it is just that I need REBL on the classpath now?


"it spits out some messages saying some things are deprecated" -- I don't think that has any bearing on the dot-clojure deps.edn file. It's purely about how you invoke the aliases. So you could just go back to the version of the deps.edn that was already working for you.

Rowan Barnard00:10:13

I ran the rebl option but it is looking in maven repo for it and not finding it


Just go back to the version of deps.edn you had before.


You're creating a lot of work for yourself at this point since there's a lot about the ecosystem I think you're not familiar with.

Rowan Barnard00:10:49

Yes I am pretty unfamiliar with a lot of how Java and classpaths and Clojure ecosystem are working, I will keep using the old deps file, thanks very much for your advice and input 😉


All you needed to do after updating the CLI was to start using -M instead of -A in the clj command.

Rowan Barnard00:10:16

Ah OK thank you very much! 🙂


At some point, you will definitely need to become more familiar with the Java ecosystem and classpaths and stuff like that. You can't avoid it forever 🙂 You may also have to give in and start using WSL2 instead of Powershell.

Rowan Barnard00:10:02

Yes I know I want to learn it!

Rowan Barnard00:10:24

But some of the stuff I looked up for it seemed a bit scary and went a bit over my head

Rowan Barnard00:10:53

Yeah I think WSL2 might be a good choice a lot of the stuff in Clojure community seems written more for Linux than Windows - or programming community in general for that matter


Yeah, I rebuilt my ancient Win10 laptop (which had WSL1 on it) to use WSL2 and installed Xlaunch which is a free Windows app that provide an X Windows server so you can run X11 apps on WSL2.


That's how I'm running my dev env now: atom on Linux and REBL or Reveal on Linux, so they run their UI via Xlaunch.


(then I bought a Surface Laptop 3 and set it up with WSL2 and I'm loving that as a dev env -- Microsoft had a sale on certain colors of Surface Laptop 3 🙂 )


Windows has always been very much a "second class citizen" in the Clojure world. Having a Powershell script for Clojure CLI is a "big deal" but of course it's still alpha and it's a bit of a pain to install because of the security stuff.

Rowan Barnard00:10:34

Cool, I'll look into this kind of WSL setup but keep using my current setup for now; as it's working 😁


And next time you get unexpected warnings after updating something, perhaps ask about them before trying to update everything else in your dev env to "fix" them 🙂

Rowan Barnard01:10:35

😂 Ah yeah good idea! Actually now the messages aren't appearing any more, after updating Clojure with scoop I tried running with your new deps file but couldn't get REBL to run so I switched back to the old deps file and then got the messages (it still ran OK though) but now today when I run it again the messages are gone - I can only think maybe there was some difference from running the 2 deps files that got cached and caused the messages and now today that is clear or something like that or maybe my imagination is just running wild, I am using the -A option still and not the -M option yet so it is not that


Oh, probably caching based on the aliases -- so clj doesn't need to re-run that part.


You can always use -Sforce (as the first argument to clj) to get it to rebuild the cache for that particular set of aliases.


(so, yes, "some difference ... got cached" essentially)


But, yeah, switch to -M and you'll be happy 🙂


Coming soon in my deps.edn file, I'll probably add support for -X on the tools that provide that. I've already started to add it to depstar and clj-new...

Rowan Barnard02:10:15

Ah OK thanks for the explanation Sean 🙂