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Hi. Sadly, the talk was not recorded. There is a sample at the repo:


We are currently working an a refined version of the ideas as a full rewrite, on top of our upcoming routing library, reitit ( “old” Kekkonen apps should be portable to it (we have a lot of those).


Kekkonen is quite tightly coupled to Schema. With reitit, the coercion library is pluggable, either Schema or Spec.


Thank you @ikitommi 🙂 No wonder I didn't see reitit in the sample, good to know that revised is upcoming. Really appreciate such great work from Metosin BTW, found a couple of great resources to look up for more on kekkonen Kekkonen- Commands and Queries for the Web Improving and Evaluating Clojure Web Application Architecture


Been wondering how frontend framework like re-frame is to play with standard REST, and the author been proposing CQRS as backend, now that I see how kekkonen supports CQRS, it makes a lot of sense now. Thank you again @ikitommi


thanks for the links! I think we have a kekkonen re-frame effect-handler laying around somewhere. ping @juhoteperi @miikka. Could be pushed to examples?