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has anyone seen intermittent SSL errors from dynamoDB on their peers? we seem to be getting intermittent handshake errors. some googling suggests this may be due to TLS versions on amazons side not always being consistent or cypher suite mismatches. has anyone had a similar experience?

Garrett Hopper20:11:27

Is it possible to have two way cardinality/many refs? (e.g. A has a list of Bs, which in turn always point back to A)

Garrett Hopper20:11:02

Or would I need to manually keep that up to date? (Always add B to A's list when created B)


Is there a release date for Datomic Cloud on AWS, more specific than “now-ish?”


@ghopper are you asking about A having a reference to B and being able to traverse that relation going from B to A? if so, all refs should be able to be traversed via the reverse ref from and entity, e.g. if you had attribute :A/B which is a ref to some B, then the B you could access that relation from B as (:A/_B b-entity) with the underscore before the attribute name