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We had some issuses with the update calls in faraday, but otherwise it worked. I think we'd have done a SQL db in the end after we abandoned event sourcing.


we use lambda cljs. and were able to get proxy working


but it was a long battle


All this seems to cry out for a wiki or github repo with common use cases for lambda documented (ie. in cljs and in clj, using ring-aws-lambda-middleware versus lambada versus portkey, with or without api gateway integration, REST apis versus AWS events sourcing. etc). Or does something like that exist?


… which is not to say “let’s make an opinionated framework” and also not necessarily “let’s capture all this in a leiningen or boot template that people can just use…”


Yeah the guys at nervous-systems did an excellent job, basically everything i have used that actually worked for cljs was their stuff.


That being said the use case the lein template imagines was a bit more all emcompassing thing i actually use


It wants to take care of deployment for me which adds some duplicated information in the project.clj and core.cjls and terraform for deployment and swagger to describe the api gateway


also awslogs is amazing!