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thanks for sharing @niamu. After reading the Garden wiki, I found that the authors recommend using Emac’s rainbow-mode. I’m going to give it a try once I figure out how to evaluate Garden expressions and get strings instead of maps in return…


Somehow Garden is outputting serialized maps in my CSS instead of properly formatted strings, which is throwing me off


If anyone here has any pointers, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ve read Garden’s wiki but still haven’t been able to output strings of colors and units as the docs have lead me to expect. Perhaps there’s something wrong with my configuration


I assume I shouldn’t be calling garden.compiler/render-css directly in my code — even though that gives me what I’m looking for


for instance, I’m trying to write a function to help me create :box-shadow in css… the problem is that the color I pass into it may or may not be a garden.color map. I want to be able to return a concatted string of x px y px blur px color … is the Garden way of approaching this to return a vector of each of these values and leave the serialization up to the compiler? I’m new to Garden so forgive me if this is obvious. I couldn’t find anything in the docs that covered this, though…


Are you saying you have difficulties generating CSS for some things that need colours? Or is this all in the larger goal of having Emacs show colour previews on demand?