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@mihaelkonjevic Do you know how to get source-mappings working with pipeline controllers? Currently, when a pipeline controller throws an exception (i.e. in a promise), I get a long stack trace, but the line numbers do not correspond with the cljs code. I'm using shadow-cljs, so not sure if this is a common problem, but was just wondering whether it is something I'm doing wrong or just the way things are.


@mjmeintjes This is a tricky one, but I did find a solution. First, there are some changes in Keechma Toolbox that will be pushed in the next release. This will get us half way there - it will report the correct error location in the built JS file. Second part of the solution is which needs to be installed in the app so it applies source maps to the stacktrace


this is how the stack trace looks then:


I’ll push the new version of Keechma Toolbox this week