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Hi everyone, We are an independent group of senior devs/freelancers. We are working on some A.I., blockchain, and ML projects now. Four of us are Ph.D.’s in Machine Learning and Mathematics. We are focused on Machine Learning - Pattern recognition, Algo trading, NLP, Artificial Intelligence in FinTech and HealthTech, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies and chatbots. Our Stack: Clojure, ClojureScript, Python (TensorFlow), AWS, JS, Node.Js, PHP, Angular, C# (.NET Core), PostgreSQL, ReactJS, Scala, Presto, Docker, Linux and many others. Here are some projects we are working on: Stealth startup - Machine Learning platform for forex trading We have a free capacity now (6 Clojure devs). Ideally, we are looking for long-term cooperation or project, we don’t like to switch between projects too often. We are based in the Czech Republic and we work mostly with startups as co-developers. Here is our facebook page: If interested, please send a message or email, happy to tell you more - <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> Thank you


[HIRING][ANYWHERE IN CET +/- 2h][REMOTE] Do you want to work full time with Clojure development on an open source product and also make a positive change in the world? Join Akvo and work with us in the Lumen team. We focus on making international development and country governance more effective, transparent and collaborative. This is a full time, permanent position and we're looking for someone with 3-5 years experience of back end development, strong Clojure skills and also with devOps experience (preferrably in K8s environment). We have teams with strong autonomy, regular learning sessions, conference allowance and developer book club and a global team of colleagues that shares our vision. A full description of the vacancy can be found here: Send your application to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> before the end of February.