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@whilo good stuff! I won’t have time to work on datascript queries in a foreseeable future, so you’re on your own


@tonsky. ok. any wishes what we should/should not do with the codebase for it to stay interesting for you?


@souenzzo great 🙂 we will probably fork now, because @tonsky has little time and we need some changes. we need to esp. use some async IO mechanism, probably core.async for cljs support.


the roadmap is roughly: 1. have a clearly documented durability API (transact) interface added to datascript. 2. support core.async. 3. implement so we can replicate datahike indices and in general use the index for CRDTs to support multiple readers. 4. model a partial order in the indices of datahike so we can have multiple writers. 5. go in the direction of reactive datalog for efficient front-end views of the replicated database (long-term goal).


1., 2. and 3. are actionable right now, depending on your needs. we also would like to offer some form of support to be able to fund a db engineer and offer professional datahike support. we are flexible towards goals though, so feel free to discuss your needs.