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you're welcome to try kaocha-cljs2, it's still kind of alpha-ish but you might have some luck with it. We're using it quite succesfully at nextjournal


Ah ok cool I'll try that, specially if your are deprecating kaocha-cljs eventually?


and btw it's the only annoying thing about test plan generation & similar is that it still takes a very long time


but I guess it's unavoidable with the whole JVM startup/file loading that happens


would be great to have a babksha powered kaocha 😄


any suggestions for a good way to retry tests automatically?


I use clj -M:test -m kaocha.runner --watch in a seperate term


I think you asked that already 🙂


On Wednesday last week


yes I did sorry but yeah that's not a solution for what I need


since it's running on CI


I'll just have to try writing a plugin maybe


any idea why :reporteris a list btw? does it make sense to have more than one?


also if I want to override some config dynamically is the best way to do something like (kr/run :something (assoc (kr/config) :foo :bar)) ?


so I'm just trying to use post-run in a new plugin I created, I wonder why post-run takes the whole test-plan?


my idea would be to check if the test that just ran failed and re-run it by adding it back to the test plan somehow


not sure if that's feasible from what I've seen so far


any tips about how to work with the test-plan in general? I'm just trying to see what I should do in the test plan, but even trying that in the kaocha repl (printing it out) I'm already at 50k lines and counting


so I really have to look at it in a tiny project to be able to see something


all I want to do really is to modify the test-plan in post-runto make the failed tests to run again if they failed


not sure that would even work but I'm struggling a bit with the size of the test-plan map which makes it quite hard to deal with


kaocha fails to run tests since upgrading to version 1.0.726 (version 1.0.641 is good) with the following error message:

❯ clojure -M:test/run
Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at kaocha.specs/assert-spec (specs.clj:152).
Could not locate clojure/test/check/generators__init.class, clojure/test/check/generators.clj or clojure/test/check/generators.cljc on classpath.

Full report at:
my clojure cli version is and the following is the relevant content in my deps.edn file:
 {org.clojure/clojure {:mvn/version "1.10.1"}}

 ["src" "resources" "classes"]

 {;; for including test paths on classpath
  :test/paths ["test" "test-resources"]

  ;; runs tests:
  ;;   clojure -M:test/run [--watch]
  :test/run {:extra-deps {lambdaisland/kaocha {:mvn/version "1.0.726"}
                          lambdaisland/kaocha-junit-xml {:mvn/version "0.0.76"}}
             :extra-paths [:test/paths]
             :main-opts ["--main" "kaocha.runner"
                         "--reporter" "documentation"
                         "--plugin" "kaocha.plugin/junit-xml"
                         "--junit-xml-file" "target/junit.xml"]}}}
any thoughts?


so, apparently, "org.clojure/test.check" is not on the classpath as can be inferred from the error message. do i need to add it to the classpath myself as a test dependency?

Alys Brooks19:11:05

Hi salam, test.check is meant as an optional dependency, but there's a few places it's (inadvertently) required. we fixed most of them in 1.0.726, but not all of them. In the meantime, you can add test.check as a dependency or downgrade to 1.0.690. Sorry the newest version isn't working for you, but at least you can use something a little newer than 1.0.641


ah, i see. sounds good. thanks!