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Ruy Valle00:11:15

If you were to make an application with a GUI that you knew would be run only on computers (no phones) and that the main target audience uses Windows, would you write it in Clojure(script)? If so, would you use Electron/CLJS, Swing, JavaFX, or something else? If not, what would you use? Also, any thoughts on Swing vs JavaFX and on development with Electron? I have essentially 0 experience with GUIs other than web pages, and even there I don’t have that much experience.


I’m a pure web dev so using web tech would be my approach. But this recent blog post I read is related and might inspire you There is a HN discussion about it as well to get some ideas.


what kind of app are you making? a lot of the web frameworks are more mature and have larger communities which makes electron + cljs + framework (eg. reagent, re-frame, fulcro) reasonable. for JavaFX (which isn't related to electron), there's cljfx

Ruy Valle01:11:56

ah right I forgot about cljfx, thanks

Ruy Valle01:11:33

the aim is project management, used by businesses


Windows probably has good native GUI support in their .Net stack so probably C# in Visual studio has good tools for this. Also there is a native GUI framework in .NET that is cross platform nowadays called Uno